Best Tennis Racquets For Women 2019

Best Tennis Racquets For Women

Looking for the best tennis racquets for women? Choosing a racquet can be tricky. 

With great names in women tennis like Maria Sharapova [1], Josette Amouretti, Betsy Abbas and the Williams sisters; not a few women have been inspired to smash the ball with vigor or have that powerful backhand drive like Serena. The key is in the racquet.

We’ve taken out the time to sieve through many racquets and brands out there in order to put together a list of the best eight tennis racquet for women to boost your game and keep you sharp on court. Without further ado, let’s blast off.

Best Tennis Racquet for Female Review

Being of the most popular racquets of the Wilson Blade range, the Wilson Blade 104 is a genius blend of power and control coupled with spin, comfort, maneuverability, shot accuracy and impressive frame technology meant for intermediate and advanced female players.

The Blade 104 has an extended length of 27.5 inches which will give players an advantage in serves and power on groundstrokes. Its head light balance of 8pts ensures good pace and ball reaction on volleys. Having a large sweet spot for women with a 104 sq. inch head size, it offers players the ability to easily get deep shots across into the court from baseline.

The racquet comes equipped with the Countervail tech, a carbon layer placed inside the frame which dampens vibration to your arms, reduces arm fatigue and heighten muscle recovery time. 


  • Offers solid power and control
  • Ample spin and maneuverability
  • Extended length for better reach
  • Offers large sweet spot
  • Countervail tech dampen vibrations to arm
  • High degree of flexibility
  • Great feel and stability
  • Wilson Sublime grip for comfort
  • CONS

  • Slightly muted feel
  • Somewhat heavy
  • CONCLUSION: Female players keen on using a racquet with maximum power, control, ample spin and accuracy to get the ball in the right spot should definitely get the Blade 104 in their corner. It is versatile and perfect for female players seeking an explosion on court.

    The Head Ti S6 is one of the best made tennis racquet that offers female players impressive power, balance, precision, large sweet spot, comfortable feel, durability and is meant for female beginners and intermediate female players.

    The racquet has a huge 115 sq. inches head size which gives extra room and a large sweet spot for players to easily hit the ball with more precision and accuracy. Its 27.75 inches length allows players to have more access to reach the ball and hit them at a higher level. 

    The Head TiS6 has a Graphite/Titanium construction which make the frame lightweight and gives it an impressive frame durability for longevity even after years of consistent usage. 


  • Great power and control
  • Balance and extra length for reach
  • Offers tons of top spin
  • Comes pre-strung
  • Large sweet spot for less missed shots
  • Ultra-lightweight and speed
  • SoftTac and Shockstop for vibration lessening
  • Durability and sturdy
  • CONS

  • Not suited for advanced female players
  • Slight vibrations
  • CONCLUSION: The Head TiS6 is a splendid racquet for female beginners and intermediate players to have easy access to maximum power both on serves and return, large sweet spot, long and effective frame reach, faster swing, good feel and ball precision.

    Rafael Nadar is not a woman. But every single human deserves the best and will look to the greats for inspiration. Imagine, then, an improvement to Rafael Nadar’s racquet – a Babolat Aeropro Drive updated with tungsten GT for improved stability, power and control. What comes out is Babolat Aerodrive GT

    Like its predecessors, Babolat Aerodrive GT is a balanced racquet that packs power, control, maneuverability and spin into one stick. Obviously Babolat designed this racquet as an all-in-one package. It is meant for intermediate and advanced female players.

    Its 100 sq. inches medium head size offers better control on shots. Its 16x19 string pattern design is quite flexible and responsive, and it allows players access to a decent amount of consistent spin. On groundstrokes, it offers tons of spin on groundstrokes and great accuracy with consistent pace, power and control on serves.


  • Power and maneuverability
  • More spin and flexible string pattern
  • Extra length for more reach and mobility
  • Durable and fast swings
  • Woofer system for better control
  • Cortex System dampens vibration
  • GT Construction for enhanced accuracy
  • CONS

  • Too stiff
  • CONCLUSION: The Babolat Aeropro Drive GT offers female players a balanced blend of power, control, great spin, comfort, mobility, durability and a bunch of techs for optimal performance on court.

    Maria Sharapova - Did you know that the Russian professional tennis player, who has been named world’s best by WTA five times, uses one of Prince’s racquets? If you didn’t know, then you better pay attention to the Prince o3 line of racquets, a modern player’s racquet that doesn’t disappoint on power or spin.

    The Prince O3 is an extra-long game improvement racquet that offers enormous power, control, high response, plenty of spin, extra pace and stability for female players with a shorter, compact swing.

    Its 110 sq. inches oversize head offers players greater forgiveness and easy access to power without using much strength. Its 16x19 string pattern allows for more string movement and thus more spin and power. On groundstrokes, players will find it effortless to play with power and shot accuracy and throw in huge spin without any fuss.


  • Offers huge power and control
  • Great spin and shot accuracy
  • Large sweet spot
  • Offer extra pace
  • Easy to swing
  • Dampening system for vibration reduction
  • Tungsten for improved stability
  • CONS

  • Nothing we could disagree on
  • CONCLUSION: The Prince O3 tennis racquet effortlessly provides female players with power, stability, enormous pace and tons of control, huge feeling sweet spot and amazing spin.

    The Head Youtek Graphene Speed Pro is a perfect racquet for female baseline players. The racquet has the flawless combination of outstanding control, power, and spin.

    Designed with 100sq inches mid-plus head size and 18×20 string pattern, the racquet offers maximum control on every shot while giving huge room for extra spin to be added when needed on court. On groundstrokes and serves, the racquet offers an energetic pace, topspin and precision

    The Head Speed Pro is equipped with the Graphene™, a material 200 times stronger than steel, placed in its shaft and throat which gives players more maneuverability and makes the racquet easier to swing thereby allowing for powerful shots.


  • Great control and power
  • Ample spin and maneuverability
  • Solid feel and stability
  • HEAD grommet system for bigger sweet spot
  • Graphene™ for more power with less effort
  • Synthetic Leather grip for comfort
  • CONS

  • Not for beginners
  • Doesn't come with cover
  • CONCLUSION: The Head YOUTEK Graphene Speed Pro is an amazing racquet with loads of control, power, reach, sweet spot and that extra kick to sweeten your game. The racquet is best suited for aggressive, advanced female players who are capable of generating their own power

    The Head MicroGel Radical mid-plus is a racquet that will wow female players with maximum control, power, topspin, stability and maneuverability.

    It comes with a 98 sq. inches head size mid-plus design which provides players high stability, power and control. Its 18x20 closed string pattern offers players more control, accurate shots, spin generation during serves and on groundstrokes, and better string durability.

     The racquet is equipped with Head’s MicroGel Technology which combined with carbon graphite in the racquet head increases the ability of the racquet to absorb and distribute vibrations and shocks evenly around the entire racquet frame.


  • Increased control and power
  • Stability and maneuverability
  • Fast swing and topspin
  • Balance and durability
  • MicroGEL for even distribution of shock
  • Head Hydrosob for exceptional fee
  • Budget-friendly
  • CONS

  • Has a small sweetspot
  • Low power
  • Not for beginners
  • CONCLUSION: The Head MicroGel Radical midplus is for female players who are simply looking for an affordable stick with great feel, comfort and extra control. Its downsides are its small sweetspot and low auto generated power which it makes up for in control and players will need to put in some weight to get that desired power.

    The Babolat Pure Drive is one of the most amazing racquet of the Babolat Pure Drive Line that effortlessly boasts of a blend of enormous power, more control, speed and spin.

    With a light strung weight of 11.1oz, the racquet is very easy to swing and has an acute ball precision on shots.  Its 100 square inch head provides a generous sweet spot and 16×19 open string pattern punches in that topsin.

    The Babolat Pure Drive comes equipped with FSI Power Technology accompanied with diamond shaped grommet holes and wider string spacing which results in higher power and spin. The inclusion of the Cortex Pure Feel helps improve the shock absorption and dampening potential, and its Babolat Syntec grip which is a thin and highly responsive grip for a great feel.


  • Superb spin for topspin players
  • Extra power and large sweetspot
  • Grommet/wider string for higher spin
  • Elliptic beam for more stability
  • Cortex Pure Feel for vibration reduction
  • Babolat Syntec pro for better feel
  • CONS

  • Muted Feel
  • Control might be difficult
  • CONCLUSION: The Babolat Pure Drive is an amazing lightweight for easy swinging, has ball precision, high power and comfort which can help pop up the game of aggressive female players.

    The HEAD Tis5 Comfort Zone is an ideal racquet for beginners and intermediate female players seeking extra comfort, control, huge sweet spot, maneuverability and great comfort for long hours of play.

    It comes with a 100 sq. Inches head size which gives players huge sweet spot Its 16x19 open string pattern enhances its sweet spot and offers excellent spin on shots. It is solid on shots and highly maneuverable on volleys.

    The racquet is equipped with ComfortZone Technology, a dampening system made of hard and soft materials combined to reduce vibration up to 25%. Its grommets strings shaped like cones enhances ball acceleration and sweet spot by 20%.


  • Great power and control
  • Extra length for good reach
  • Huge sweet spot and maneuverability
  • Arm friendly and lightweight
  • Comfortzone technology for added comfort
  • Grommet strings enhances ball acceleration
  • Titanium for optimal stiffness and power
  • CONS

  • No downside
  • CONCLUSION: The HEAD Tis5 Comfort Zone is a perfect fit for female players out for increased power, ample control and comfort on the arms and elbows. With a strung weight of just 8.80oz, its lightweight frame makes it easy to pacr it and its durability guarantees a long-lasting racquet on court.


    Either you are a beginner or a pro, or any of the awesome things in-between, choosing a racquet is predicated on your ability to identify your needs. So let’s collaborate. We have identified the racquets; you need to identify your needs. After that, choose the right racquet for you. Then go and dominate your world.

    Like Serena and Venus Williams, like Maria Sharapova, Josette Amouretti, like Betsy Abbas; Like you.

    If you have questions about the tennis racquets we recommended or you would like to share your experience with any of the above racquets you've used before. We are definitely interested so kindly drop them in the comment sections below.

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