10 Best Cheap Tennis Rackets for 2020 (Tennis racquets under 100)

Cheap Tennis Rackets

Looking for the best cheap tennis rackets in 2019?

If you are reading this, chances are that that you are interested in the game, and you are either a beginner, a pro or one of the cool and varied things in between.

Making your game better requires having the right racquet to hit with. However, we both know that your choice of racquet is moderated by your level in the game, but more by the amount of purchasing power in your possession.

In this post, we have put together ten of the best cheap tennis rackets but durable racquets under $100 you can buy. Hope you enjoy this.

Here's the List of Best Affordable Tennis Racquets

11 Best Rackets Under $100 of 2019

More power. More spin. Quiet feel and added stability. All these are enabled in the Wilson Federer Team 105 by its open string pattern and its stable shaft technology.

The racquet has a large sweet spot and some room for forgiveness, all thanks to its large head size of 105 sq.in. This ensures that the hard hitting but slightly off-centre player is comfortable.

This racquet’s big head size is balanced out by its light weight which makes the racquet easy for light manoeuvres. The racquet weighs 10.2 oz and is 27 inches long.

This racquet has all the delights that new players want – big sweet spot and moderate weight. The racquet guarantees both comfort and power for the winning game.

With a wide head of 112 sq.in and an extra-long 27.5 in., this racquet comes at a price that’s not short of amazing. It also comes with spin artists’ preferred 16x19 pattern as well as V Matrix Technology which widens its already large sweet spot.

These specs make it almost impossible to hit balls that are lacking in power. And that’s not all. The racquet also has a V-Lock Bridge that adds stability to the racquet plus making it handy and ensuring that you are able to hold on to the bat if you hit the ball at an odd angle.

Wilson Triumph is an amazing cheap tennis racket. It comes at an amazing sell out price for its 112 sq. inches and an extra-long 27.5 inches.

It also packs the string patter 16x19 string pattern that’s been known to be favored by spin artists.

In addition is its V Matrix Technology which widens its already massive sweet spot for power balls that are sure to sail over the net.

Also. V-Lock bridge add stability to the racquet making handy and thus will not easily fall out of your hands if you hit the ball at an odd angle.

Here is a racquet that feels fast and easily manoeuvrable in the arm while living up to its name by providing the hyper power to hammer the ball all over the court. Its fast feel and easy movement makes it ideal for new players to the game of tennis.

Combining its 16x20 string pattern with a massive 110 sq.in head size, this is the utmost racquet for players who want to hit powerful shots. Luckily, this bat will not take your muscles to task because it weighs just nine ounces and not as weightier as its heavier colleagues.

Thus, this is an affordable package of combined speed and power.

If you are a beginner, a casual player and you are on a budget, then this is the racquet for you. Like the Tour Pro, the Ti. Conquest also features Head’s Nano titanium technology which makes this a racquet built to last.

It combines this with a massive 108 sq. inches for players who are still gaining confidence need to get better on their precision. This racquet is for that player who may take tennis seriously in the future.

Weighing 12 ounces, the racquet a little bit heavier than the tour pro. However, combined with its massive head size, this piece of graphite becomes the ultimate power stick while it seems to be proving the point that the fact that it’s cheap does not make it a push aside.

Like Wilson, like Roger Federer. Everyone has heard about Federer. So, when Wilson names this amazingly cheap but durable racquet after Roger Federer, it’s mostly because they want everyone to be inspired to hit the ball like Federer and become their own pro.

At 11.50z, this stick is an option for a cheap tennis racket that gives the ability to hit the ball with power and depth from any corner of the court. It’s oversized 110 sq.in means that it has a large sweet spot and plenty of forgiveness in case you miss that sweet spot.

The frame is further improved by Arc technology which translates a livelier string bed enhanced power and stability.

Another great tennis racquets under $100, this is a racquet for beginners who want to build their confidence in the game and do so on a budget. It comes with a massive head size of 115 sq.in which normally translates with a large sweet spot for hitting the ball with power. 

This racquet comes handy for beginners and people with short strokes who sometimes forget to bring the racquet all the way up to the back before swinging. 

Our post about the best tennis racquets for women in 2019 says a lot more.

This absolutely cheap tennis racquet comes with a massive head size of 112 sq. inches and a string pattern of 16x19.

It’s one of the best tennis racquet under $100. It also comes with a power strings to increase its power and a strung balance of 3 points Head Light to maximize its maneuverability despite its massive head size.

Its volcanic frame technology provides power and stability while stop shock pads reduce racket vibration for greater control.

Despite the fact this racquet is made for the budget, the Wilson company has not neglected safety and comfort, and neither have they done away with power. Nobody cares about cheap if it can’t send the ball over the net.

This super light racquet balances out its low weight with a price that will not dig a hole in your budget. The Wilson K zero brings comfort to the player at 9.1 oz.

Let it be made known that the racquet's light weight does nothing to affect its power. The piece of graphite is specially designed for players who want to play hard without feeling any aches the next day.

It is perfect for beginners just learning to play or for those who have tennis elbow.

This racquet, as the name implies, contains head’s microgel technology which makes the racquet able to take the shock from hitting a tennis ball and distribute it throughout the frame.

This guarantees that the racquet will not get pushed out of your hands by the ball, leaving you out cold in the game, if you hit the ball outside the sweet spot or at a bad angle.

Players are encouraged to hit and full strokes by the racquet’s dense string pattern and standard size, which sends the ball sailing over the net.

Overall game control is helped by the string pattern which makes it possible and easy for players to hit the ball at all their favourite positions on the court.

In this post, we have moved from very cheap beginners’ racquets to more sophisticated user racquets at affordable prices. We hope this helps, and that you can find something within your budget that meets your needs so that, beginner, intermediate or advanced player, you can play your game and win for the culture of recreation, for health, for wealth or for glory.

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