This is a universal truth: if you want advice on any issue, visit an expert. That is the reason why we’ll begin this particular description with the awesome fact that Venus and Serena Williams have endorsed the Wilson Blade 104 as the racquet to deliver aggressive power, better control and accuracy.

Why should anyone take the Williams sisters word on a tennis racquet? Easy: Serena has played in 31 tennis match  finals. Of those, she won 23 grand slams and was a runner up in 8 games. Her sister, Venus has played and won five Wimbledon titles. Between them, the Williams’ sisters won 12 wimbledon titles between 2000 and 2016.

So, like the Williams sisters’ fame rests on solid achievement, the Blade 104 beaches on hard ground to deliver power and precision on the lawn.

Wilson Blade 104, like its predecessors, is a user-friendly extended length racquet designed for those who want to whip up more pace and spin the ball. However, unlike its predecessors, the Blade 104 offers a unique combination of Stability, Power and Precision. It is the racquet for today’s big hitting aggressive games played on the hard, clay, grass and or carpet courts.

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